Blast From the Past! Fashion Expert Gives Advice on Ways to Recycle Old Fashion


Published 06/25 2014 01:40PM

Updated 06/25 2014 01:42PM

As our closets ebb and flow, trying to keep up with current trends can be daunting. But, there are several styles that continue to find relevancy within our wardrobe despite the changing of tides. Many of these are loved for their comfort, durability and simplicity/ease of wear – and some have even recently been discovered by the fashion set.

Connie Wang, Style Director at Refinery29, the largest independent fashion and style website in the United States discussed the do’s and don’ts of reviving old trends.


Go Femme: Most of these heritage, sportsman products are unisex, which means that to make it obvious that you're wearing them in a fashion-forward way, you've got to pair it with feminine pieces. Try out a high heels, cocktail dresses, and delicate jewelry.
Dress Them Up: A long-length blazer, cropped trousers, flippy skirt, and pumps can do wonders in making these items look more purposeful.
When In Doubt? Go For Neutrals: Opting for blacks, grays, whites, and denim hues make your timeless, classic basics look sophisticated and considered.
Don't Be Afraid Of The DIY: There are plenty of high-fashion versions of the original that cost way more. Add your own bells and whistles with a hot glue gun, rhinestones, patches, and tassels.

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