Boonville Resident Hopes to Legally Drive His Golf Cart

Published 07/10 2014 05:38PM

Updated 07/10 2014 05:53PM

        The City of Boonville is considering an ordinance to allow residents to drive golf carts around parts of the city. Several Tri-State cities already allow it, but one Boonville resident is working extra hard to get the city to pass the ordinance. Charlie Hill bought his golf cart several years ago so he and his wife could go down the street, without having to worry about using their car. The passing of the ordinance would mean so much to him, so he is hoping the city council hears his story and will legalize driving the carts around areas of Boonville.

        His cart has all the features required in a car: Two working turn signals, a horn, and even a rear view mirror. City councilman Bob Canada is all for passing the ordinance saying it saves fuel and is convenient, but he says there is still some resistance among other council members. He says the other members feel safety is a big issue to look at, but Bob says anything can be unsafe.

        Hill has been asking for more than three years to get an ordinance allowing carts to be driven on the street. He says he rides it down to his garden, which is about a city block and a half away. He says  can't walk very well and that his leg goes numb, among other health problems.

        While most people hop in the golf cart to go for a joy ride, for Charlie, that's not the case. He says he got the car for his wife, but my she is gone now. She always wanted the golf cart because she couldn't walk very good, so she would have liked to go see the grand-kids, nieces, and nephews play soccer at the junior high school.

        His wife, Hazel, passed on June 8th 2014, and Hill says he thinks of his wife every time he takes a seat in the cart. He drives, in his golf cart, to the cemetery every day. So now, Hill is fighting so others can  have the privileges he and his wife didn't have. He says that most of the people who will be driving the carts are elderly. One example He gave is his neighbor across who fell last week, breaking her hip and arm. He says it will be easy for her to get around in a golf cart instead of a car.

        The city council is scheduled to meet again on August 7th at 5pm to vote on the ordinance. Hill is urging residents to come out and support the proposal. Should the ordinance pass, Hill says he'll celebrate by driving to the tasty freeze, just like he and his wife wanted to do..

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