Changes Coming to Broadway and Barker in Evansville

Published 08/07 2014 07:25PM

Updated 08/07 2014 07:32PM

A traffic alert for drivers on Evansville's west side. Changes are coming to the intersection at Barker and Broadway Avenues.
Starting Monday August 18th, the current automatic stop lights will flash red in all directions - turning it into a four way stop. It'll be that way for six months.
Eric Kendall says he travels through the area often... and thinks the change is a good thing.
"Honestly, it's just kind of pointless to have a stoplight here. Just having flashing red lights, or even a stop sign really, would help out everybody with the flow of traffic, cause it doesn't get too busy around here so... There's really no need to hold up everybody for a few extra minutes whenever, you know, people can just stop and go."

The city hopes the flashing reds will do just that - make the intersection more efficient, and even cut down on carbon emissions from idling cars waiting for a green light.

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