Council Woman Putting The Past Behind Her, Announces Future Plans

Published 08/01 2014 10:32PM

Updated 08/01 2014 10:39PM

People who supported Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley through her leaked audit investigation, gather to celebrate the end results.

With this chapter behind her, the Evansville councilwoman announces plans to seek re-election.

Brinkerhoff -Riley says tonight's celebration was all about putting the past behind her and working towards her future, representing the third ward.

"No regrets," says Evansville City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley. She says she's celebrating "It high jacked my practice, it high jacked my personal life."

After months of being under investigation, a special prosecutor clears the councilwoman of wrongdoing for recording a private city audit meeting. "After waiting and finally getting the news, which we expected, which was that I had done nothing wrong, we decided to come out and celebrate," says the councilwoman.

Brinkerhoff-Riley calls tonight's gathering a 'celebration of truth and transparency.' She held the event at Dilegge's, and announced plans to run for reelection for the city's 3rd ward. Some wonder if she's eyeing the race for mayor.

"That's true. I love politics. I love this town. So yes, I do intend to stay in politics, but for right now I'm going to seek re-election in my current seat." Brinkerhoff-Riley says if ever mayor, she would make some serious changes. "A complete change of direction and perspective."

"Relief. We can move on," says City Clerk candidate Misty Hart. Hart says she showed up to back Brinkerhoff-Riley. "I'm glad it's all over. She didn't do anything wrong. Actually, I think it helped the tax payers," says Hart.

Brinkerhoff-Riley says she wants to put the audit scandal behind her, but says she will continue to push for more information to be released to the public.

"I'm glad I did it. What it did was it trigger the audit report to be released. Its unfortunate that it was high jacked for the last so many weeks for the distraction of whether I had done something wrong in putting the information out there," says Brinkerhoff-Riley.

Around thirty people showed up for the celebration. Among the crowd, fellow city council member Al Lindsey, and Representative Gail Riecken.

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