Criticized Board, Declines Public's Chance To Speak

Published 08/28 2014 09:43PM

Updated 08/29 2014 07:28AM

A board criticized for its secrecy, maintains that secrecy.

Several people gathered at Redbanks Skilled Nursing Center, in Henderson, to voice their concerns in light of numerous allegations.

Redbanks is one the largest employers in Henderson County, but the center has remained in hot water after an audit revealed several allegations.

The public wanted answers, but they were denied.

"Usually, where there is smoke, there is fire. There's been a lot of smoke," says Charles Kirkpatrick.

Charles Kirkpatrick believes that fire is here, behind closed doors, where board members at Redbanks Skilled Nursing Center meet privately.

While they met, Kirkpatrick and others waited outside ready to voice their concerns.

"I'm tired of seeing this place run half way. I want to see Mark Chumbler back in there, and I want him back in there now," says Kirkpatrick.

Some people outside the meeting tell Eyewitness News former Executive Director, Mark Chumbler, made several positive changes at the facility when he was hired in May of 2013.

This year Chumbler requested a private audit be conducted. shortly later Chumbler was no longer employed by Redbanks.

"I want to go in there and say, you all go home and lets get Mark in here to run this place. That's what I want to say," says Kirkpatrick.

The audit stated Redbanks was a 'HIPPA compliance disaster,' and 'this organization is at high risk.'

It stated anyone who had the ability to turn a door knob and push open the door to the medical records room, had the ability to view, or take medical records. Many people say it's the board's fault if the facility goes under.

"Two board members quit because they were tired of it," says Kirkpatrick. Two board members, Joan Hoffman and Doug Bell, resigned saying they no longer agreed with how the board operated.

"For them to resign over some things that they felt were not right, makes me realize that there are some problems," says Janet Hortin.

She hoped for her chance to speak tonight, but never got it.

"I would just ask them why have there been the recent resignations, and what is the solution to this issue," says Hortin.

She too would like to see Chumbler return.

"I really think Mark was doing a great job, and I just hate to see that he has gone. I really think that we are going to loose some of the momentum that we had in the past," says Hortin.

The group was asked to wait in the another room, out of the way, while board members finished their private meeting.

"We need good people on the board here to take good care of our seniors," says Hortin.

The board did agree to set a date next week to hear the public's concerns, but no exact day or time has been announced.

Board members declined any comment to our cameras.

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