Crossing County Lines; Search For Missing Mother Moves To Evansville

Published 08/27 2014 09:35PM

Updated 08/27 2014 11:02PM

Since the disappearance of mother, Kristy Kelley, hundreds have searched her home town of Boonville.

Now, the search spreads to Evansville.

Friends of Kelley say they're not giving up, so they search far and wide, even treading some new territories.

"If I were gone, I would want everyone to turn every stone twice," says Stephenie Hadfield.

For twelve days Stephenie Hadfield has watched hundreds search for Kristy Kelley.

Still, there's no trace of the missing mother of two.

Hoping to help, Hadfield says she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"There's my opportunity to use my time wisely," says Hadfield.

She formed a search group of her own.

Hadfield says she put out word on social media to anyone who wanted to help.

A group of around fifteen people, from friends to strangers, gathered at Cathedral Church, in Evansville, ready to search.

"Boonville is really little, and the area where she got off the roads seems that it could take her numerous places. I mean, you could end up in Yankeetown, St. Louis, Louisville, or Evansville. I just thought staying in that one little area wasn't a very good idea," says Hadfield.

Through grass and trees, they search by foot for more than an hour, keeping their focus on the Pigeon Creek area.

"We are keeping our eye out for anybody that has any clues what so ever for any of these girls that are missing," says volunteer Stacey Kemper.

Kemper is a volunteer who decided to come help search.

This mother says she's doing it for Kelley's mother, and the families of the other missing women around the tristate.

"I cant imagine having one of my girls missing and having to look for her. The more people, the better," says Kemper.

Hadfield puts word out to Kristy Kelley, saying the search will continue until she's found.

"We love you Kristy. We wont give up."

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