Driver Crashes into Evansville Resident's Home

Published 07/25 2014 04:09PM

Updated 07/25 2014 04:24PM

        Sam and Pat Fitzsimmons were spending a typical day at their home, tending to tasks that needed to be completed inside their home as well as on the outside. Their typical day quickly changed when a car crashed into their home.  Sam says he heard a lot of glass breaking and a big thud when he was outside working in his back yard. He said it sounded like a wreck was happening, but he didn't realize it was happening at his home.

        While Sam was outside, his wife was inside the house when the wreck occurred. After the crash, he heard my wife saying "Sam .. Sam get in here!" Sam's wife, Pat, was standing by the window when she heard the car coming towards the house and got out of the way. Sam says his wife had gone over to the desk to get a telephone and had just walked backed into the center of the kitchen when this happened and that she was very fortunate.

        While no one wants a car crashing into their home, the driver and homeowners are lucky as to where the car ended up. Sergeant Jason Cullum from the Evansville Police Department said the portion of the house she hit is wood sided and ff she would have been another foot over, she would have hit the brick part of the house, which would have been a lot more damage to the car, potential injuring to her, and the damage sustained to the house would have been a lot harder to repair.

        Putting the pieces of the accident together would have been difficult, had witnesses not been around. Cullum says this is an unusual accident and fortunately there were witnesses that were able to say what happened, because looking at the scene, there's really no logical explanation on how it got there, since it was a single car accident.

        Sam didn't seem to be too stressed out that a car had just hit his home and even had positive outlook on the situation by saying the house will get it fixed and luckily it doesn't affect the majority of the house.

        The Evansville Police Department says the driver of the car is a female in her 70's and that they do not know what caused the driver to wreck as there were no obvious signs of drug or alcohol impairment. The driver had no specific complaints of pain, but due to the circumstances of the wreck, she was sent to the hospital to be checked out

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