Final Phase Of Newburgh Road Construction Gears Up

Published 08/14 2014 10:22PM

Updated 08/14 2014 10:32PM

A Warrick County road construction project faces public feedback tonight.
It's the third and final phase of a re-do that is dramatically changing Lincoln Avenue in Newburgh.
Homeowners along this stretch of Lincoln get their first look.
This project stretches a little more than a mile along Lincoln Avenue.
It will begin at Bell Rd. and end at Lenn Rd.
Several homes, built decades ago, are along this stretch.
Neighbors take a look at the plans to see how construction will affect them.
"We've just been ready for it to happen," says Wanda Collins.
Lincoln Avenue, between Evansville and Newburgh, has already undergone two phases of a road improvement project. Now, people gear up for the final phase.
"We didn't have any negative comments. On those phases I think everyone has been pleased with the project."
Warrick County Engineer and Project Manager, Bobby Howard says they hope to improve safety along the narrow, busy roadway.
They want to widen the road, add a left turning lane, bicycle lane, and a side walk.
"We tried to minimize the impact to the properties as much as possible," says Howard.
 "It went pretty easy. It went pretty smoothly," says Allen Ramsey
Ramsey says he's familiar with the Lincoln Avenue project. He used to live along the first phase, but now he lives to the east where he faces construction, yet again.
"Its a bad spot, a dangerous spot. I think my neighbor has been hit twice," says Ramsey.

Ramsey says construction will cut into his yard, but he says work could make a large hill near his house safer, if construction crews flatten the area out.
"I'm hoping it's going to be a lot nicer than it is now, and a lot safer," says Ramsey.
Project managers say it work will last two construction seasons. The estimated cost of the project is more than four-million dollars.
Construction is scheduled to start in April 2016.

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