Henderson Gets First Glimpse Of New Road Project

Published 08/05 2014 09:09PM

Updated 08/05 2014 09:13PM

Design plans for a road widening project face feedback from the public tonight.

The project will change the face of Highway 60 in Henderson County.

About a year ago Governor Steve Beshear approved funding to expand the stretch highway near Henderson Community College.

"The traffic out here is quite bad," says neighbor Houston Keach.

Keach says a stretch of Highway 60 in Henderson is a danger to drivers.

"I don't use this road very much because we turn onto 136 to avoid this."

Keach says his home is across the road from Henderson Community College.

He says for years, he's watched traffic back up as students make their way to class.

He says drivers run into one another with a hill blocking their vision for sudden stops.

Keach says it's time to fix the problem.

Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, agree.

"Anytime you stop to make a left turn, then you are holding up traffic. There is a always an opportunity for a collisions anytime Someone is stopped in the roadway like that," says Keith Todd.

Keith Todd, with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, says widening 60 into five lanes, including a turn lane, will make it safer.

Construction would stretch one mile east of the Kentucky 425/south bypass intersection.

They hope to help improve traffic flow, and safety, in front of the college campus.

"You do see a lot of flashing lights occasionally and a lot of cars backed up," says Keach.

They will also be adding a multi-use path for runners, bikers, or joggers. It will stretch straight from the road to the college, or it will stretch right here along Highway 60.

Kris Williams, President of Henderson Community College, views the project's two different design plans.

"We're excited that we have the opportunity to provide a safer entrance for our students and community members," says Williams.

The cabinet says the project would be around 7-million dollars. For drivers, neighbors, and students, many agree, there's no price on safety.

"Its a mile that really effects our safety and our access, and we are really excited about that."

Project managers say construction begin until sometime in 2016.

No homes will be effected by construction. The cabinet hopes to someday have the expansion stretch all the way to Union County.

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