Jury Finds Blaize Guilty, Family Speaks Out

Published 08/26 2014 10:36PM

Updated 08/27 2015 03:15PM

A Gibson County jury finds Austin Blaize guilty of murder.

Prosecutors say Blaize killed his ex-girlfriend's father in 2013. The jury recommends he spend the rest of his life in prison.

Police say Blaize went to the home of Terry Monier, the father his ex-girlfriend, to shoot her new boyfriend. But, it was Monier who suffered a deadly fate protecting his daughter.

After nearly four hours of deliberation, the jury delivers a verdict. The jury finds Austin Blaize guilty of murdering Terry Monier.

"How does it go to being so great in the morning?" says Rick Blaize.

Rick Blaize, Austin's father, remembers being with his son the day Monier was shot to death.

"I took him to an interview after I got off work in the morning. He got a new job. He was ecstatic when he got out and got in the car with me. He made a phone call to Brittany and I heard laughter," says Rick Blaize.

Rick says his son was happy that day.

The laughter on the other side of the phone was his girlfriend Brittany, Terry Monier's daughter. Rick says despite what many say, the two were happily engaged when the shooting took place.

"Fiancé, not ex fiancé, not ex girlfriend. Fiancé," says Rick Blaize.

The Prosecution says it was a love triangle.

Blaize attempted to shoot at Brittany's new boyfriend, but it was her father who died protecting them.

"Did this kid have a chance watching his parents fight all the time? Probably not," said Ivan Arnaez.

The defense argues Blaize had a troubled upbringing, bringing his parents to the stand where they both admitted they failed him as parents.

"They didn't put him on the path he should go. They put him on a path to this, and this is why we are here," says Ivan Arnaez.

The jury came back recommending Blaize spend his entire life in prison.

"I'm hoping they don't put him in prison for life because they are going to carry him out in a box if they do," says Ivan Arnaez.

"Ultimately, I think justice was served. Mr. Blaize had a different attitude yesterday when he was on the stand, but now he has been held accountable and you can see a change in his demeanor because of that," says Robert Krieg.

"Just because they can give him life without parole, doesn't mean they should. Vengeance is not theirs, mercy is," says Arnaez.

No mercy for his son, Rick Blaize gives his reaction to today's verdict

"Its just been a nightmare."

Sentencing will take place in late September.









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