Last Minute Fireworks For The Fourth

Published 07/03 2014 08:23PM

Updated 07/03 2014 08:27PM

"It's absolute madness."

Fireworks light up the night sky every Fourth of July, and days surrounding the holiday.

Buying them the day before the fourth, is not so easy.

"I got hit by a couple of carts, kids stepping on my toes, but I've made it through the register and now I'm headed out," says Brian Tomes.

Tomes says his fireworks are for his kids. "I've got the big time rockets that are supposed to go really high, and I've got some ones that are supposed to make

butterflies for the girls. I figured they would like that," says Tomes.

Buying them for his kids, and for the kid inside himself. "Its the kid in us all. We want to blow something up. We get a legal opportunity to do that," says Tomes.

"Oh, its crazy. It's elbow to elbow."

Kathie Goodridge says she and her family host a celebration at their house for the holiday. She says the annual fireworks display has become a tradition along with the shopping. "The hustle and bustle makes it that much more fun," says Goodridge.

Shoppers aren't the only ones facing the crowds. Store clerk Nikki says she's been ringing up fireworks for the last five years. "I just do it for the fun entertainment, getting to talk to the people that you only get to see once a year. The reason why I do this is because it's so entertaining."

Though it's crowded and chaotic, some agree shopping for the fireworks is almost as fun as the final bang.

"Its a way to show that you are patriotic. Its the way to scream loudly and proudly that I am an American. Plus, it's one of the only times you get to blow stuff up legally."

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