Local Entrepreneurs Kick Start Online Campaign For Juicing Brand

Published 06/17 2014 09:45PM

Updated 06/17 2014 11:09PM

Evansville, Ind.- Two young entrepreneurs' simple idea is blossoming into a booming local business. It doesn't end there the ladies are trying to revolutionize the bottled juicing industry in the River City. Erin Little and Meagan DeLong started their company just a year ago as a small juice stand. The women say their business is growing but, they still need help to reach their goal of reaching the entire river city and beyond.

"That kind of organic pure fresh, raw juice, it's hard to come by in Evansville, really." says Erin Little.

Seeing a void of organic juices in the River City;  Erin Little and Meagan DeLong decided they were going to fill it; one bottle at a time. Sunshine Juice Company was created only a year ago and is sold at the downtown farmer's market.

"People here love new things. People support that. I've seen it!"says, Meagan DeLong.

They also see the passion in these two young female entrepreneurs to bring a healthy product into the market. Their dream is to offer the product in local stores and beyond. The problem; they need better equipment.

DeLong says, "it was amazing because it went so fast. We could be at the markets and make 100 juices in our time there because it was fast, it was awesome, it was great".

They say the speed in regular blending doesn't help their product. They want a new and more natural process called "cold press juicing" to help maximize nutrition.

"It pulverizes the whole fruit and the whole vegetable and then mashes it to get all that good juice out, so your getting just so much good juice in that press and that's what we're bottling to distribute in the town"; DeLong adds.

Producing the "sunshine juice" in that fashion would cost more than $15,000. DeLong and Little immediately turned to Kickstarter.com for the funds and in just two weeks raised more than $10,000 of their goal.

"Honestly it's so incredible to have the community be like yes go for it you know and proving it, not just talking, proving it with their backing us financially. It's really incredible", says Little.

"It blows my mind because it's like i think you have this idea in your life, you have to get the money first and then dream big", DeLong added.

The kickstarter campaign will close in 11 days and can be found at this link. Six businesses have already agreed to sell the product.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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