Milder Temps Creating Unusual Days of Summer

Published 07/15 2014 07:14PM

Updated 11/21 2014 12:11PM

(Warrick County, Indiana) - Definitely not a typical summer week here in the Tri-state. A lot of us are enjoying the change, others still hoping to see that mercury climb a little. People who go to county fairs in the Tri-state are used to sun,humidity and temperatures in the 90's but, this year some people are wearing sweaters to stay warm. They like the mild temperatures but, not everybody in the Tri-state is a "fair weather" fan.

The annual watermelon eating and seed spitting contest at the Warrick County Fair left much to be anticipated for the coming week. It's one of several contest that families can participate.

"A minute ago we were doing the watermelon contest and one girl, she yumped it down!" , says Little Miss Warrick County, Jenna Smith

They're getting goosebumps as they wait to hear the winner's name and not just because they are excited.

"It's cold!", says one of the contestants.

Temperatures at nearby scales lake are not typical either. It's 10 to 15 degrees cooler than most swimmers may expect but, these kids are taking the plunge anyway.

"Yeah this one right here had a jacket on a while ago, it's a little windy!", says Amanda Alexander.

Swimmer, Rudy Alexander, says "it makes me want to get back in, it's cold!"

Lifeguards on watch are also feeling the big chill themselves.

Scales Lake Lifeguard Katie Beggs says, "it's a chilly day hopefully, hope nobody starts to drown so we don't have to get in the water." 

Pools across the area say they are seeing a decrease in attendance and this swimming hole at Scales Lake is no exception.

"It's bitter sweet because you know we're not as busy as so we can like focus on the people that are here, but it's also really chilly when it comes to being a lifeguard wearing a swimsuit all day," added Lifeguard, Alex Sherman.

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