Neighbors Stick Together Against Corporate Giant

Published 08/13 2014 10:33PM

Updated 08/13 2014 10:41PM

Persistent neighbors stand strong in their battle against a major corporation that's trying to move to town.

People in northern Vanderburgh County say there's no need for a Wal-Mart in their community.

They continue to speak out, sticking together.

Wal-Mart hopes to build at the intersection of East Boonville New Harmony Rd. and Highway 57.

Neighbors say they may not be able to stop the project, but they do have some say so on how the super-center is built.

Talking with the company's attorney and standing their ground, these neighbors are not backing down.

"This is from the attorney from Wal-Mart. He actually called me. I talked to him yesterday," says neighbor Brenda Mobley.

"It's easier to work with us, than against us," says Dwight Markwell.

Neighbors continue to rally the troops.

"We have to stick up as a group because no one will listen to an individual," says Markwell.

People living near a proposed Wal-Mart in Vanderburgh County, continue to take on the corporate giant after the company announced plans to build a new super-center in their community.

"Most of these people moved out here for a reason. The reason was, to get out of town," says Markwell.

For now this area is a cornfield, but if Wal-Mart has it's way, this will soon be a super-center.

"What could be worse than a Wal-Mart? It's open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day," says Markwell.

They can't stop Wal-Mart from building, but the neighbors say they can regulate the design plans.

"We're still here fighting," says Brenda Mobley.

Mobley says the group is growing, they're becoming more vocal, and their message is starting to be seen.

"There are more, and more people interested in the outcome of this. There are more, and more people that are like, I don't want that there. It just doesn't make sense," says Mobley.

Mobley says they've organized a petition, hoping to have some say in the project's parking lot design, signage, and green space.

"We're not trying to slam, slam, slam, slam Wal-Mart. That type of retail, we don't see fitting into the community there," says Mobley.

Mobley says Wal-Mart has been willing to work with them, but the two sides have a long way to go until they meet in the middle, if they ever do.

"We have cars, we can drive, we are not retail deprived."

Neighbors plan to continue their meetings. They also plan to continue negotiations with Wal-Mart's attorney.

They will bring the petition to the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Board of Zoning Appeals.

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