New Pro Shows Potential to Join PGA at ULC

Published 06/28 2014 09:53PM

Updated 06/28 2014 10:17PM

For Justin Thomas golf is in his blood. His father was a professional and introduced him to the game just as he came out the womb. "Prior to age to he decided he wanted to whack at one and we started getting him some little clubs and letting him go at it," said Justin's father Mike Thomas.

Ever since then Justin has focused his life on perfecting his game. He's now competing at Victoria National for the second time. When he was 14-yeasr-old he played in a junior event. Justin seems to have much better chance at shooting under par this time around. "It's pretty funny because I was a really really small kid when I was that age and I didn't hit it very far, but it's kind of funny being here after that and I like it a lot more now than I did then that's for sure," said Justin.

Justin is not shying away from his ultimate goal as a golfer. "Be number one in the world. I want to be the person everyone is chasing. I think I really don't believe in why you would try to do anything if you don't want to be the best at it. Not just be the best at it, but try to dominate in it," said Justin.

His father taught him consistency and playing the game on an even keel. And while Justin attributes his success to that approach, he also drives himself within. "For me I need that fire to kind of get me going. If I have a bad hole I'm angry at myself. I'm not going to verbally show it or show any outward emotions, but obviously I'm going to be upset and I think that gets me going and keeps me working," said Justin.

While Justin's father is now a club pro he can comfortably sit back and watch his son carry the torch. "It's so fortunate for a father to get to see their son realize their dream. So while I'm proud of him I'm happy for him that he's getting rewarded. I mean he's worked hard he has sacrificed a lot of stuff," said Mike Thomas.

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