Princeton Family Wakes To A Late Night Intruder

Published 07/14 2014 10:22PM

Updated 07/14 2014 10:51PM

A Princeton family wakes up to their biggest nightmare, a person inside their home in the middle of the night.

Officials say the intruder was an extremely intoxicated woman.

"We just woke up to our dog going crazy. I jumped up to see what was going on, and there was just some lady standing outside my girl's bedroom."

A nightmare on (west) Emerson Street for Corey Dunaway, and his family at their home in Princeton.

"Luckily she was unarmed. She was just drunk and belligerent. She had no idea where she was at or what she was doing," says Dunaway.

Officials say thirty-six year old, Karen Shearer of Patoka, was not looking to burglarize or harm the family. It was a random home she entered.

Sergeant Bruce Vanoven, with the Gibson County Sheriff's Department, says Shearer had been over-served at a Beaches bar in Princeton, earlier that night.

"She walked a little over a mile and ended up in this family's house. Whenever she was given a portable breath test on the scene, she tested almost three times the legal limit," says Vanoven.

The family says they lock their doors every night, however, the lock on the back door was loose allowing this the unwelcome house guest to make her way inside.

"Today we changed all of our locks," says Dunaway.

Dunaway says he calmly lead Shearer outside and waited for the police to arrive, that's when he discovered this was not her first incident.

"She's done this before. We weren't going to press charges, but after somebody does it once before and gets off with it, I believe she needs to face what she has done, maybe get some help, go to alcohol classes, or anything like that. She needs to get some help," says Dunaway.

A four-legged security system has this family feeling much safer.

Dunaway says the family dog, Callie, blocked the hallway keeping the intruder from their bedrooms.

"The dog was kind of in-between the girls bedroom in the hallway so she couldn't take a step either way," says Dunaway.

Shearer is out of this family's house, but not out of their life.

"Today me and my wife were up in our bedroom, she turned around, and she thought someone was behind her. It's just the creepy feeling you are always going to have now that somebody is in your house."

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