Princeton, Indiana-Based Subcontractor Faces Federal Investigation

Published 07/02 2014 09:38PM

Updated 07/02 2014 09:48PM

A Princeton, Indiana man lands in the middle of a federal investigation.

Twenty employees of Onsite Occupational Health and Safety, sub-contractor, claim owner Kyle Johnson did not pay them for their work abroad.

They claim that his company instead, pocketed around seven-million dollars in government money intended to be paid to those workers.

Onsite OHS is a full-service medical support company based in Princeton. Johnson opened the company in 2008, the same year several local businesses owners say he came to town to change their city for the better.

"He's just a great community leader for our community here in Princeton, and he has just helped us tremendously," says Ron Parke.

His hand prints are nearly everywhere you look in downtown Princeton.

Local business owner Ron Parke says many know Kyle Johnson as the man who came to town, buying several of the old crumbling buildings and giving them a facelift. He's known as the man who provided several small business owners money to get on their feet.

"He's really tried to help downtown Princeton, so I just cant say enough on what he has done to help us grow," says Ron Parke.

Parke says the OHS owner gave his café, The Palace, nearly 300-thousand dollars and a year without rent.

"He's gave a lot of people the opportunity to start their own business, and he graduates the rent so you can get on your feet," says Parke.

Now, Johnson is the target of a lawsuit that claims his business cheated its employees, and the federal government, out of millions of dollars. That lawsuit sparked the federal investigation into Onsight Occupational Health's work in Afghanistan.

Parke says he and the other business owners Johnson has helped, hopes the claims are not true.

"I'm concerned. My hopes and prayers go out to him and his company. I hope that there is nothing to this, and everything we will find out is all cleared, and that he will continue here in Princeton, and we will continue to grow, because he is great for our community," says Parke.

OHS representatives say they could not make a statement at this time.

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