Teamsters-EVSC, Still No Agreement

Published 08/11 2014 09:49PM

Updated 08/11 2014 10:26PM

For months the EVSC and the Teamsters have worked to agree on a new contract, but still, no agreement has been made.

Teamsters take the mic at tonight's school board meeting, asking for something to give.

School board members say they made an offer about two months ago, they felt, was fair. The teamsters turned that offer down.

The board says they haven't changed their position, but they're moving forward. The teamsters say there's no reason this matter should still be going on.

The first day of school comes to an end.

Louder than the end of the day bell, are the local Teamsters protesting outside of the Evansville - Vanderburgh School Board meeting.

"I'm sure we can come to a mutual agreement, ending in a contract, just as we have done for the past thirty years," says Kathy Nunley.

She takes the podium on behalf of her friend, who was unable to speak tonight. "I have always loved being a bus driver, and loved all of my children. I have always told everyone what a great place the EVSC was to work. I honestly can not say that anymore," she says.

Chuck Whobrey, President of the Local Teamsters, takes the stand next.

"We have many members that have felt that they have been disrespected in this process," says Whobrey. He says he urges the school board to open negotiation.

"It is important that when you finally do reach an agreement, you do it at the bargaining table. That there is some value when you do that of actually shaking hands and saying, you know, this hasn't exactly been fun, but we've gotten through this processes," says Whobrey.

"Well, sometimes negotiations take a while."

Chris Kiefer, President of the school board, says the board is just as eager to reach an agreement.

"What we're trying to do now, is come to an agreement. There's just a lot in the agreement that we haven't come to a consensus on," says Kiefer.

The Teamsters submitted an offer in the form of a letter. Kiefer says tomorrow the board will respond to that letter.

There was one agreement made tonight.

The Evansville Teacher's Association and the school board reached a collective bargaining agreement for teachers.


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