Tristate Residents React to Robin Williams' Death

Published 08/12 2014 04:18PM

Updated 08/12 2014 04:27PM

        From Hollywood to the Tri-State, We're all taking time today to remember actor Robin Williams. Fans flocked to the actor's home and to his star on Hollywood walk of fame today to pay their respects. While his loss brings sadness, it's also prompting the sharing of memories. Williams brought laughter into our homes for nearly 40 years between his movies and stand-up comedy, and Eyewitness News' Joe Bird stopped by Family Video on Covert in Evansville today and noticed a lot of Williams' movies are cleared from the shelves.
        Store Manager Travis Johnson says he would have never known Williams was considering death, just based upon his movies and the success he's had over the years. He says just thinking of the smile that Williams' brought to so many people's faces and the sadness he must have had in himself is sad. Janice Hale of Evansville says Williams' was a very joking guy and that he always kept you laughing.

        At Family video in Evansville, many people stopped by to rent movies as a way to remember him, and while they searched, they were able to enjoy watching movies Williams acted in. Johnson says Williams had such an amazing range in his acting skills, that people are going to know who Robin Williams was and they're going to remember him from a completely different stream of movies than he's going to remember him by.

        Janice hale says when she first heard about his death, she didn't want to believe it. She says for him to be depressed is kind of strange because he would make people laugh and you just couldn't see what would be on him that hard.

        To relieve sadness, we recall memories. Johnson says he'll always remember Williams as the genie in Aladdin as well as the movie Flubber. As for Hale, she will always remember him by singing "Good morning Vietnam" 

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