Weather Damages Boonville Home

Published 07/08 2014 06:06PM

Updated 07/08 2014 06:22PM

The sight is beyond words: A tree that only one can begin to guess how old, fell onto a residents home, lifting part of it off the foundation.

To one Boonville resident, it was a storm that almost seemed to come out of no where. Neighbor Sam Tackett says he thought it was a tornado, because it was calm at first, then he could hear the wind beating against the door. He says he doesn't know why a tree by his home didn't fall because it was moving, too

Another neighbor was outside exercising when heard the cracking of the tree and rushed over to help. Alex Neidlinger says he went running back to the home because he knew a guy lived in that home, but fortunately he wasn't there, so then he called 911

The home itself hasn't been as lucky. Tackett says this is the second time the house has been damaged. The May 9th macro burst hit and the roof was tore off and was just put back on a week ago.

The tree damaged much more than just the home. It even took it's toll underground. Neidlinger says he could smell gas, so he called the police and the fire department came out and they took it from there. No part of the home is damage-free, including the children's room, which is beside where the tree once stood. Tackett says the tree uprooted the floor and everything in there and the family is lucky they weren't in the home. He also praised the landlord saying once he heard of the damage, he immediately put the family into another one of his rental properties and that the landlord will be tearing down the home and building a new one for the family.

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