Mother's Worst Nightmare Ends with Son Safe in Her Arms

Published 03/09 2014 10:09PM

Updated 03/09 2014 10:22PM

"Caleb come home. You're not in trouble I just want you home and I miss you so much. You have so many people out here looking for you. They miss you and they want you home baby. I'm sorry." A tearful mother sits helpless on her front porch pleading for her missing 11-year-old son to come home. "It's unreal. This is a nightmare," said Chy Gibbs.
The nightmare started when Gibbs went to wake up her son Caleb Sunday morning and found only an empty bed. She reported him missing and local authorities searched the neighborhood for any sign of Caleb.

Hours and hours went by before relief finally came when a stranger spotted Caleb walking out of a wooded area about a mile from his house. "She (the stranger) pulled up asked me if I was Caleb Christian and I said 'yes.' I asked her for the phone. She said 'pull over here' and then her husband called the police and then she called my mom for me." Caleb says he packed a tent and left home around 5 a.m. Sunday. "I just got up, just didn't think, and just did it." Caleb says he rode his bike along railroad tracks into a wooded area where he stayed in his tent and took a nap. Meanwhile his mother was frantic at home. "I've seen so many TV shows and I've seen Amber Alerts and I share them. I couldn't imagine what they were going through and now I know what they're going through," said Gibbs.
When Caleb returned home thirsty, hungry, and muddy he was greeted by family and friends relieved to have him home again. "At least I know that I'll be able to sleep tonight knowing that my son is home and he's not leaving my side."
Gibbs says she would like to thank everyone who searched for her son. Including local authorities and especially the stranger who spotted Caleb.

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