Natural Gas Usage Increase

Published 02/19 2014 05:14PM

Updated 02/19 2014 05:31PM

        The brutal winter has had a major impact on propane and salt supplies, especially on utility bills. Vectren says its customers have used more natural gas than officials have seen in a long time.
        In the first three months of the winter season starting with November. Customers used more natural gas than any other winter in the last ten year. Even though some people's bills have been higher, there is actually good news when it comes to how Vectren is working to save the money you work hard to earn.
        "We've secured some long term contracts, meaning we have bought gas on 5 year and even 10 year terms. Where by we've already locked in a portion of our supply for a decade out. So that's good that we've already secured gas in the four to five dollar range."
        One task that can be hard to do is plan just how much your bill may be from month to month. Vectren offers a budget billing program.. and also provides some assistance to those who have trouble paying the bill. Should you need assistance, you can call Vectren to see if you qualify for any of their programs.

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