Neighbor Tells Story of Bellemeade Ave. Vacant House Fire

Published 04/06 2014 10:24PM

Updated 04/06 2014 10:34PM

Several concerned neighbors huddle to watch the Evansville Fire Department try to prevent a vacant house fire on Bellemeade Avenue from spreading to nearby homes. Rose Scruggs probably had the best vantage point of all, she lives next door. "It was about four o'clock. I'm not sure what woke me up but I could see the glow against my windows."

In her still half asleep state she didn't know what the glow was coming from until she walked outside. "I opened the door a little bit and that was the first that I could feel heat. I knew we were definitely going to have to get out of the house."
Rose woke up her elderly parents in the house. Because of their age she needed help from family members. Fortunately everyone made it out of the house safely. "Everybody was very helpful with them, brought blankets, and a police officer let my parents sit in the back of their car."

Investigators say the fire started in the front of the house and the circumstances look suspicious. "I wouldn't be surprised. There was no power or anything going to the house so someone had to have set it," said Scruggs.

Rose says the house has been vacant for sometime and for the past month the front door was open. She says she thought someone may have been staying in the home illegally.

"I figured somebody was going in and out of it. Especially when the door got left open. There was some trash around the front of it. Hoped something like this wouldn't happen, but it did."

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