New Details Released in Hanson Bank Robbery

Published 04/15 2014 06:09PM

Updated 04/16 2014 05:59PM


We continue to follow the investigation into a bank robbery and bomb threat in Hanson, Kentucky.
The Hopkins County Sheriff's Office is still looking for the suspect and the money he took on April 14.

Investigators say the man called US Bank and demanded $10,000 be placed in a vehicle outside the bank.
He then picked up the money and left the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

Authorities detonated three fake bombs outside the building later in the afternoon.

If you have any information on the case, contact the Hopkins County Sheriff.hat the girl was like a wife to him.
New information tonight in Monday's robbery of a Hopkins County bank where three suspicious packages were found and a suspect fled with thousands of dollars.  Hopkins County Sheriffs Deputies say they're still searching for a man who placed several suspicious devices outside the U.S. Bank in Hanson yesterday morning.  The bank was open today while investigators continue working the case.

"I feel like I was watching a movie scene happening," says Tina Townsend of Hanson.

First, the call.

"The U.S. Bank received a call of a bomb threat, saying explosive devices were scattered around the building," says Det. Otis Chamberlain of the Hopkins Co. Sheriff's Office  Next, the cash.

"The caller demanded cash be placed in a vehicle outside the bank," Chamberlain says.

Then the cops arrive, then the intersection closure, and the commotion.  Hopkins County Sheriffs Deputies say they're still looking for the suspect who called the bank demanding $10,000 in cash.  The robber reportedly took the money and walked behind the bank and east toward the Pennyrile Parkway, past a store where Townsend and her co-workers were.

"They did see them walking in camouflage, and then Jennifer seen a black SUV pull in to here, sit out here for a few minutes, and then just took off," she recalls.

Chamberlain says they're still searching for a dark colored SUV that may be connected to the case.  Investigators dusted a white Nissan Murano for prints where the money was left.  He adds the three devices appeared to look like cell phones with wires coming out, but were described as simulated.

"Maybe a small piece of substance there with a circuit board glued to it," Chamberlain says. "The wires came from the circuit board onto the backside of it. There was a small antenna."

The bank is back open, and the case is still open while authorities try to catch whoever made the call and took the cash.  U.S. Bank officials are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for any information leading to the arrests.

Photo courtesy of Hopkins Co. Sheriff's Office

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