New Harmony Resident Descendent of City's Founder

Published 08/08 2014 06:17PM

Updated 08/08 2014 08:29PM

        New Harmony residents are celebrating and learning their town's history. Author CA Hope was there today for a book signing.  She's writes book about the family who founded New Harmony and their journey there. Resident Docey Lewis has a closer connection to New Harmony than other residents: Robert Owen, who founded New Harmony in 1825, is her  Great Great Great Grandfather.

        When Robert Owen purchased the town, it was called Harmony at the time. Docey isn't from New Harmony,  rather Connecticut, and says New Harmony is very different than where she used to live. She says had she stayed in Connecticut, she wouldn't really know farmers, oil people, geologists, historians because New Harmony is like Noah's Ark of people.

        Docey says living in a town founded by her descendants has a different feeling because it feels like she's at home and living in a historic movie where she's a part of the movie. She said it's been really magical. Docey has more famous family descendants than Robert Owen: Her Great Great Great grandfather on her dad's side was Eli Whitney.

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