A Democrat and Republican Agree, Criminals Deserve 'Redemption'

Published 07/11 2014 11:19AM

Updated 07/11 2014 12:35PM

2 US Senators on opposite sides of the aisle want to give non-violent criminals a 2nd chance.
Republican, Rand Paul, of Kentucky and Democrat, Cory Booker, of New Jersey are working together on the legislation called the "Redeem Act".
Senator Paul says a 2nd chance is what's needed to break the criminal cycle.
Paul said: 
"Well you know one of the biggest impediments to employment in our country is having a criminal record, so what we said is for people who had non-violent felonies, non-violent crimes, mostly drug possession and minor drug sale crimes that if you served your time, wouldn't we want to you get a job rather than to go back into a life of crime, but you can't get a job a lot of times with a criminal record."
One part of the bill would have the records of non-violent criminals sealed,so the offenses would not show up on employers' background checks.

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