Brian Bosma Talks Taxes, LST 325 at Rotary Meeting

Published 06/24 2014 08:26PM

Updated 06/24 2014 08:33PM

State leaders are talking about what to do with taxes from Indianapolis to Evansville.

Governor Mike Pence held a tax conference in Indianapolis. Speaker Brian Bosma made a trip to Evansville to discuss taxes and other issues facing law makers.

A proposed business tax cut turned out to be one of the hot button topics this year when many local government leaders  showed up to oppose the cuts.

Bosma says he is willing to look at any tax cut the conference may recommend, but he says legislators must be careful in which tax cuts they approve.

"It has to be targeted," said Bosma. "It has to be specific to increasing jobs, and yet providing significant and sufficient resources for local government."

House Minority Leader Scott Pelath criticized the governor's tax conference. He says it was made up of "Wall Street apologists," but nobody looking out for interests of the middle class.
The future of Evansville's World War II warship is garnering interest from state leaders in Indianapolis. The LST 325 was on a long list of topics talked about during this morning's Rotary meeting.

Special guest Speaker Brian Bosma was in Evansville to discuss several issues facing law makers. Bosma said preserving the LST is critical, and his father served on one at Normandy.

The ships' contract with Evansville expires next year. And as we've reported, Peoria, Illinois is trying to snatch up the ship.

One of the issues with the LST is the location. One possible solution is to expand casino gambling to land then dock the LST where the riverboat floats today, something Bosma says is complicated.

"Leveraging that to a massive expansion around the state," said Bosma, "because it can't just happen for entity, to land-based casinos we'll have to have that discussion. Hopefully, we can find a solution that stands alone for the LST and preserve that great heritage for Indiana and southwestern Indiana."

After tabling the LST proposal once, Peoria's city council is meeting to discuss it again.

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