Drug Screening Resolution Falls Flat In Evansville City Council

By Kayla Moody

Published 08/25 2014 10:35PM

Updated 08/25 2014 10:43PM

An attempt to make Evansville elected officials subject to random drug testing falls short in Evansville City Council. Council members Missy Mosby, D-Ward 2, and Jonathan Weaver, D-At Large, proposed a resolution supporting random, voluntary drug testing of elected city officials.

The city already tests all new employees, and Mosby says elected officials need to be held to the same standard. The proposal failed to impress other council members who questioned the integrity of the resolution and the need for such policy.

"I think it's ill conceived, self-serving, bad public policy and I'm against it," said Council Finance Chair Conor O'Daniel, D-At Large.

"Well I've never felt the need or desire to come in here and prove that I'm not under the influence of some illegal drug or that I have to prove I'm sober but if I did I'd be sure to do it on my own dollar and not make the taxpayers pay for it," said Dan McGinn, R-Ward 1. "I think if anybody here wants to come in here and wave a flag or a test and say, 'look I'm sober' or 'I'm not on drugs' feel free to do it, but do it on your own dollar. I won't support it either."

Council members denied the resolution 7-2, with Mosby and Weaver the only council members voting in favor of the proposal.

"This just makes us all look bad," said Weaver after meeting. Mosby noted that she's already working with state legislators and hopes they'll consider addressing drug testing of elected officials during the next legislative session.

"I just feel that we should be held to a higher standard," said Mosby. "Hopefully I can get something done on the state level."

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