EPD Releases Stern Warning on Altered Fireworks

Published 07/17 2014 03:14PM

Updated 07/17 2014 03:22PM

Evansville Police have a warning today for anyone involved in altering their leftover fireworks. EPD says doing so can place everyone around the device in serious danger and will also lead to criminal charges.

This stems from Tuesday night, where officers say an altered firework was set off under the Lloyd Expressway overpass on Tekoppel Ave. Officers say the device created was actually an improvised explosive device (IED). No one was injured during the explosion, but neighbors say the blast was loud enough to knock pictures off walls. EPD is still searching for suspects.

Evansville Police say it was the second time this month the bomb squad was called to the area for an IED. The first one was found by a home on the nearby train tracks. The bomb squad neutralized it before it exploded. EPD believes the two west side incidents are related.

Police says if you possess any type of these dangerous devices, you will face felony charges when you are caught.

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