Highway 41 Closed to Allow Many Deer to Cross

Published 03/10 2015 05:29PM

Updated 03/12 2015 09:28AM

     Many are asking what it took to close highway 41 in Henderson to let the deer cross.

     We posted the video of the deer crossing shortly after the road was reopened and in 24 hours, over half a million people have viewed the video.

     Linda Williams from Misfit Island Wildlife Rescue guided the deer as police closed the road. She says working with the deer was natural because she works with wildlife.

     Gary Boswell owns land in the river bottoms where the deer were located and is thankful Williams cares for the lives of the deer. He says had Williams not worked to get the deer across the road, it would have been a slaughter because of all the traffic. He also wanted to get the deer across, but didn't know how to stop traffic.

     Corporal Jeremy Broshears from Henderson Police Department was one of the officers that helped close the highway. He says he knew it was going to be hard with all the five o'clock traffic, wet roads, and heavy fog, but it had to be done to prevent more accidents. He says he was pleased with how everything went smoothly and and the highway did not have to be shut down long.

     HPD says they will do this road closing again in the future if the conditions warrant and if Williams is available to assist.

Rush hour takes on new meaning when law enforcement help a herd of deer across Highway 41.

The river has been rising, and the deer have been on the move.
In the quest for higher ground several deer have perished as they attempted to cross busy Highway 41.

Tuesday afternoon, law enforcement noticed a herd gathering by the side of the busy highway and decided to take action.
Officials shut-down the southbound lanes of Highway 41 near the Twin Bridges.
 A woman stood behind the herd and forced the deer to make their move.
The deer rushed across the highway to higher ground.
Eyewitness News cameras were rolling and captured the event ordeal Live during the 5:00p.m. news.

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