Popular Attraction at Vanderburgh County Fair Discontinued

Published 07/21 2014 10:32PM

Updated 07/21 2014 10:57PM

A lot of people come out to the Vanderburgh County Fair for the rides; good food and entertainment and also to see the animals. However, for the first time in twenty years; The Vanderburgh County 4H fair will not be hosting it's piglet display, because of a major disease affecting the swine population.

"It was really disheartening".

Swine farmer Junior Schillinger has seen the impact of the P.E.D disease first hand.

"It was a Saturday morning and uh, I went into the swine house. All the pigs were scouring and the mothers the sowls were also scouring, which was a tell tail sign that we had a problem", said Schillinger.

The virus that's only found in swine causes them to scour until they dehydrate and die. Back in Februrary; 15 to 20 of Schillinger's piglets died -- wiping out an entire litter.

 "Well it really affects the case flow, like right now those pigs that were born in February, should be going to market, so consequently their not here", he added.

Fair goers are used to seeing a litter of piglets at the fair -- but that display will not be there this year. It's a part of efforts to keep the disease from spreading.

4H Vice President,  Scott Berry says, "those folks who brought their display out did not want to put their animals at risk."

Pigs will still be at the Vanderburgh county fair this year but, only adult pigs that have stronger immune systems. The impact of the virus however, spans beyond the swine barn.

Berry added, "it's really taken a toll on retail prices across the country" shoppers are seeing the affect of the disease at the grocery store with higher prices on items such as pork and bacon. farmers are just trying to get beyond the problem.

"We were totally sure that all those pigs were all going to die so all that work that you put in the previous four months was gonna be down the drain and gone" Schillinger added.

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