School Corporation Still Feeling Sting from Harsh Winter

Published 06/17 2014 05:25PM

Updated 06/17 2014 05:46PM

It might be 90-degrees right now, but some in Warrick County are still feeling the effects of the cold. The Tri-State experienced an exceptionally long and cold winter which is causing some problems now on athletic fields.
In just six weeks football players will hit the fields again. And the Warrick County School Corporation's maintenance staff certainly has their work cut out for them. One thing they won't have to worry about is cutting the grass because, well, there's not much to cut. "All of our athletic fields that have Bermuda Grass sustained some damage due to the long cold winter" Warrick County Superintendent Brad Schneider says it will cost about $30,000 to resprig six athletic fields.
While some maintenance is needed after each winter, this year will take a little extra work to get the fields ready in time. "We still feel very confident that when August rolls around and when football season starts we're going to have a nice stand of grass. Our athletic fields whether it be soccer or football are going to be in excellent shape," said Superintendent Schneider.

The corporation considered laying down sod instead of spriging, but grass experts told leaders that was no longer a viable option. "Just as the golf courses and athletic facilities that have Bermuda Grass were damaged this winter so were the sod fields," said Superintendent Schneider.
Other neighboring counties have switched from grass to turf fields. Superintendent Schneider says they've considered that before, but is confident sticking with traditional grass is the right thing to do. "We feel confident that right now that Bermuda and the real grass is a little bit cheaper in the long run and I think our kids prefer playing on real grass."
Bennett Field may be 80% brown at the moment, but Bermuda Grass grows very quickly. It could be green and lush within the next six weeks. All it needs is heat and humidity.

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