Several Car Break-Ins Reported on Evansville's North Side

Published 08/01 2014 05:24PM

Updated 08/01 2014 05:26PM

Several cars on Evansville's north side have been broken into this week. It's happening in a neighborhood near Central High School.

The thieves aren't getting much, some change and a few dollars here and there. But some of the vehicles were damaged bad enough that it will cost the owners money in the long run.

We spoke with one neighbor who just got home from the license branch. Her wallet was taken, meaning her ID cards are gone too.

"Yeah it's just a big headache," said Ashley Barrow. "We're a family with kids and stuff. It's a lot of trouble to cancel everything. We had to request new health insurance cards and everything. So if we have to take the kids to the doctor before they get mailed, I got nothing."

Barrow went on to say that usually this is a pretty quiet neighborhood. She was surprised this kind of crime was happening. She and some of the other neighbors suspect a group of kids could be behind all this.

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