Sex Offender Back in Jail after Failing to Register

Published 08/07 2014 08:25PM

Updated 12/01 2014 02:30PM

John McFarland (Gibson County Jail)
John McFarland (Gibson County Jail)

A register sex offender is sentenced to spend another year in jail for failing to register in Gibson County.

Investigators say John Mcfarland IV was released from prison, where he served time for sex crimes, on July 28th.

Deputies say Mcfarland moved to Fort Branch, and did not report to the Sheriff's Department.

Sex offenders have 7 days to register.

Mcfarland was taken into custody on August 7th and remained in the Gibson County Jail until his conviction date.

He was given time served plus an additional 12 months.

A Ft. Branch man is arrested for failing to register as a sex offender. 25-year-old John McFarland was released from the Indiana DOC last Monday.

Per state law, he had seven days to register with the county sheriff. Failing to register is a felony.

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