Sheriff says Fear of Unlikely Serial Criminal Does More Harm Than Good

Published 08/21 2014 06:34PM

Updated 08/21 2014 08:54PM

An entire community continues in a massive search after Kristy Kelley's disappearance in Warrick County.
Sheriff Brett Kruse says the tips have continued to come in each day.
But nothing that has led them any closer to Kristy. The young woman was last seen Friday morning in Boonville.
Hundreds of people volunteer to look for her every day.
Kristy's disappearance is one of 4 on-going investigations right now. 
Something that's had a lot of women in our area on-edge.
Sheriff Kruse has taken more than a dozen calls from women who say they were harassed, or just creeped out over the last few days. Calls like that are unusual for Boonville or Newburgh.
Sheriff Kruse said,  "It's good to get the information out there initially, but I don't think taking a missing persons case like this and spinning it into we've got a serial criminal operating in the area has done any good. Its stirred up a lot of hype and it has made people probably more scared than they should be. "
Sheriff Kruse went on to say it's not a bad thing to be aware or on guard. 
But you shouldn't think everyone who talks to you, is out to get you.
He says, the incidents involving women being approached by strange men in some of the grocery store parking lots were more like pan-handling than any kind of abduction attempt.

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