Sheriff's Dept. gets War Vehicles for Safety & Rescue

Published 07/11 2014 05:14PM

Updated 07/11 2014 05:17PM

The Henderson County Sheriff's Department is taking the term "serve and protect" to a whole new level.
The department just recieved new equipment that aims to serve the community when disaster strikes. 
Military equipment designed for war overseas,now belongs to the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.
Sheriff Ed Brady said with the military downsizing in Afghanistan and other areas of the world and they have a lot of surplus equipment that's being shipped back to the United States.
Through the Defense Re-utilization Market Office Program, Sheriff Ed Brady says his department was able to acquire major military surplus equipment for the direct needs of Henderson County as well as the tri-state.
He says the vehicles are able to maneuver around in the river bottoms and  generally help with flooding throughout the tri-state. The Sheriff claims they are considered rescue vehicles and won't be used to “attack anybody.”
There's a mine resistant and ambush protective vehicle that can serve to protect lives.
Sheriff Brady added:
"If a wife or husband were wounded outside of the home and the shooter went back into the home, how can we get to that person to rescue them? We have a piece of equipment that if that were the circumstances we could absolutely fet to them, get them out, and get them to treatment. If we didn't have it you're kind of at the mercy of the active shooter. That's a piece of equipment we never want to use but as far as life saving, it may be the most important piece of equipment we have."
With the equipment valued over 1 million dollars, Sheriff Brady says the tax payer only need to cover the cost of picking it up from its original location and the small cost of maintenance. 
The real bargain, Brady says, is no longer having to borrow similar equipment from other communities.
"If we have a local emergency, those other communities are suffering through the emergency also and they need the equipment. So how do you ask them to take their equipment away from their community and bring it to yours when they have the same need. We really feel good that we have the equipment available to us."

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