Officials Encouraging Residents to Start Dialing 10 Digits

Published 02/26 2014 07:48PM

Updated 02/26 2014 07:50PM

The 812 area code is running out. And later this year, there will be a new area code for southern Indiana. That means you'll have to dial 10 digits each time you make calls.

Starting this weekend on March 1, state officials want everyone in the 812 area code to start dialing local calls with all 10 digits. They say it's a good way to practice before the new area code is introduced later this year.

Starting September 6, you will have to dial with 10 digits, or your calls won't go through. By October, new phone lines or services will be assigned numbers with the 930 area code.

It's important to mention those with 812 numbers will not have to change their existing phone numbers, and officials say the price of a local call will not change.

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