One-on-One with Henderson Mayor, Steve Austin

Published 05/05 2014 08:52AM

Updated 05/05 2014 09:27AM

    There are many communities in our area that make the Tri-State such a great a place to live.
    One of those communities is Henderson, Kentucky.
    But aside from scenic hiking trails and numerous community activities along the riverwalk, what else about the city makes it unique and what are its challenges?
    Henderson Mayor, Steve Austin, and I went one-on-one to discuss the city  and why he believes its the perfect place to raise a family.
    When it comes to Tri-State living, Mayor Austin says there is only place that comes to mind.
    "I just think it's the perfect place to live. I have a strong bias for Henderson. It's got everything a family would want."
    The city of just under 29-thousand people is only a 20 minute drive south from Evansville, a location Mayor Austin says provides residents the best of both worlds.
    "We have the low key comfort of  small community but then we have the advantage of being able to run over to the Ford center or to the Old National Bank Center or some event over there and have top notch entertainment, shopping, and food and other things. So i think that makes it very nice."
    For those looking for entertainment closer to home, residents need to look no further than Henderson's downtown area.
    "We have Audobon Mill Park there with a lot of events including our handy festival with blues and barbeque," Austin says.
    "We have the Bluegrass Festival down there. Sunset Park that's more of a casual park with a kids playground. We have Redbanks Park which is mostly greenspace. We've got the river walk going into atkins park.We're very lucky to be on the river."
    Mayor Austin says he's very proud of the city's educational opportunities, and as for the economy,  he calls it "small but steady." With Henderson's population increasing over the last 10 years, business is expanding. But Austin says the city lacks something he believes could attract more business and people to the area.
    "We don't have a good industrial site with in our city limits. We have one in the county....So, one of the things i would like to see Henderson do over the next couple of years is develope an industrial site where we could attract some brand new businesses."
    When asked how serious the possibility is of developing a new industrial site to attract more business, Mayor Austin says its something that will happen.
    "I think it's a serious and real possibility. I can't discuss it too much right now because we're talking about property and we don't want to affect the prices of the property and things like that. But i think that it's a real possibility and my hope is that in the next two years we will see that actually happen."
    But what is happening is growth. The city is moving at a moderate pace and still serves as a great place to call home, even for those who may have just arrived.
    "They really see it as a really great place to be and they're glad they're here, they like to work here, they like to raise their family here, and we've seen that a lot and we've seen a lot of comments, 'we really like your community.' We say, 'well, it's your community now."
    Tune in next Monday to Eyewitness News Daybreak  as Greg Parker goes One-on-One with Owensboro Mayor, Ron Payne.

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