Oops! Crooked Center Line Truly a Sight to Behold

Published 07/03 2014 05:27PM

Updated 07/03 2014 05:34PM

It's crooked and a bit confusing. However, it's left some on the west side of Evansville laughing. The temporary center line weaves in and out on a recently re-paved portion of South Boehne Camp Road to Middle Mount Vernon Rd.

"I'd hate to get pulled over for left of center over here because it'd be an argument for sure," said Justin Beach.

A defense attorney would have a field day too. A couple of weeks ago, crews re-paved the road, much to Beach's delight. The striping, however, leaves much to be desired.

"I don't know if the guy was drunk or what but it's definitely not good," Beach said. "When I first saw it, I thought 'what is going on?' I thought it was a joke honestly. I thought they were going to fix it the next day. I thought maybe it was a new guy who started."

The center line zigzags and often makes the lanes overly narrow, Beach said. County officials said the striping is not up to their standards and hope to have straighter, permanent striping done later this month.

"My little girl is six years old and she noticed it," Beach said. "Wow. If my six year old notices it, what the heck is going on?"

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