Owensboro Barbecue Festival Kicks Off

Published 05/09 2014 06:28PM

Updated 05/10 2014 07:20AM

        Many people from around the tristate are heading to Owensboro for the International Barbecue Festival, hoping to dodge the bad weather that's in the forecast. Should the bad weather hit, tents are set up for people to take cover. Some of the vendors are concerned as to how the weather may effect their sales, seeing that they've had to raise prices slightly.

        Bob Freels says that pork and mutton went way up and that he'll have to sell his for 10 dollars a pound. Patrick Bosley from Moonlight Barbecue agrees with Bob Freels that all meat prices are going up. He continued to say that it's going to be a very competitive environment this summer on trying to control costs due to the increased prices. B

        Prices for pork are up because an increased demand and a shorter supply due to some animals dying because of sickness, but vendors say they don't feel the higher prices will stop the people from chowing down. Pit Master Jerry Morris says he doesn't believe it'll hurt a bit, because when barbecue tastes good, people are going to buy it.

        A recent report from Trip Adviser lists the top 5 states to get barbecue; however, Kentucky, Indiana, nor Illinois made the cut. The states that made the top five are Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee. One vendor at the festival said he feels it's an uphill battle with places such as Memphis, North Carolina, and Texas who have iconic barbecue traditions across the state. Another vendor said other areas across the United States put sugar in their barbecue, and that he doesn't use any sugar in his recipe.

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