Parents Use Social Media to React to EVSC Snow Make Up Days

Published 02/18 2014 06:33PM

Updated 02/19 2014 08:24AM

"That's rough for all the people that do have to work", says Susan Miller.

Parents and students react to the E.V.S.C.'s plan to make-up days missed due to the snow.  The school corporation adds an additional hour to six school days starting next week. But, parents and students are finding the adjustment hard to manage. Indiana requires students to be in attendance for at least 180y days to fulfill one school calendar year. Snow days have hampered school attendance and now students will have to make it up but, how that is being done has created backlash.

"The school corporation called last night and said they would be making up snow days".

Susan Miller along with many other parents got that same call. The most controversial part of the plan would add an hour to each school day from February 24th to March 3rd.

"Which doesn't make sense because if they were gonna do that then they might as well do it all the time, because the kids do need more education anyway" Miller added.

Parents like Miller say the decision will mean adjustments for them and have even taken to facebook to vent.

"Sometimes that's hard to do whenever you have a busy schedule like if you work eight hours a day and you have to come pick up your kids and  you  have to wait an extra hour" Miller added.

Her child, she says will definitely need an extra meal to get through the longer day.

"that's just with any parent they'll tell you as soon as their kids come home; they hungry!"

Meals, schedules,transportion, after school care are many of the problems parents say they will have to deal with due to the change.

"My daughter has other activities that she goes to right after school and I would have to change those around to fit this or take her out of school early".

Another mother of two says that time is fast approaching.

"That's my main concern that it's only a week away. Doesn't give me much time to make those arangements", she added.

A week's notice is all some students have to rearrange their work schedules.

"Definitely a lot of students go straight from school to work and their required to be there at specific times" says Matt Goebel. 
 Hasgoe's president says the five students that work for him don't have to worry.

"We just want them to know we want to work with them whether it be with school or with hasgoe's"

The E.V.S.C. also tells us they are working out additional details such as extra meals for students. The superintendent, David Smith has said he believes this is the best way to make up the snow days, especially with ISTEP exams shortly coming. 

The schedule change also has an in-direct affect on parochial students. Some catholic school students share buses with the E.V.S.C. A spokesman for the diocese says it will be up to individual schools to determine how to make up missed days.

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