Petition to Keep the LST 325 in Evansville

Published 05/28 2014 05:37PM

Updated 06/02 2014 10:19PM

UPDATE: As a major decision on the future of the LST 325 nears, a Tri-State man is doing what he can to keep the ship docked in Evansville.

Earl Phettscher started a petition to convince the LST Board of Directors to accept Evansville's proposal.

Phettscher says he and his wife toured the ship for the first time this weekend.

He says the ship is more than a floating piece of history.

The ship's contract runs out next year, leaving the door open for the ship to dock elsewhere.

The city of Peoria, Illinois is making a hard push to bring the ship there.

The board of directors says it will make a decision this month.

You can download the petition here.
*Note: all petitions must be mailed by June 6th to : USS LST SHIP MEMORIAL, INC. OFFICE, 840 LST Drive, Evansville, IN 47713

Original Story--5/28/2014-
The LST Board needs to make a decision by October 1st whether to stay in Evansville or to leave for Peoria. With this being the second delay in Peoria some LST board members are telling Peoria to get a move on it. "Get your game on because the mayor here is on his game," said LST board member Chris Donahue.
Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and other city officials already made an offer making quite an impression on the LST Board. "Evansville's proposal has been on the table since late April and it's a great proposal. So we need to encourage Peoria to step up their game a bit and get on it," said Donahue.
Donahue says with a well established working relationship in Evansville, "we have an excellent relationship with the mayor's office and the city council. Actually the whole city and county," the relationship with Peoria is off to a slow start as the city has yet to vote on a proposal. However Peoria's Assistant Manager is still confident in the city's efforts to get the LST. "I didn't hear anything tonight from anyone of the ten council members that were here that said they weren't interested. And I haven't really heard from anybody in the community that says they aren't interested. Any concern that has been expressed and even the concern that was expressed tonight was the cost of it."

One Peoria council member says a cheaper secondary option should be looked at in Peoria because the LST is already unhappy with where it is at Marina Pointe in Evansville. That comment did not sit well with Donahue. He says he would like to remind Peoria's City Council of the LST's second option in Evansville to take over Tropicana's riverboat spot if and when land-based gambling is legalized in Indiana.

Donahue stopped short of giving Peoria an ultimatum, but says he would like to see a solid proposal in July.

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