Posey County Hay Barn Fire Takes Hours to Contain

Published 07/06 2014 05:56PM

Updated 07/07 2014 11:51AM

A barn fire in Posey County keeps firefighters busy for more than 12 hours. 

The fire started early Sunday morning at Ritzert Farm near the intersection of Caborn and Nation Road.

A year's supply of hay was tightly stacked in the barn, making it very hard for crews to put out hot spots. 

About 8 Fire Departments were on scene the entire time.

Water supply was another issue the firefighters had to battle. Firefighters say the water supply is “not the best.” They had 5-6 tankers shuttling to keep the water flowing.

Firefighters put more than 200,000 gallons of water on the fire, and still did not have it out at that point.

Crews will likely be out there for days working to eliminate hot spots. 

We're told the fire was either caused by a chemical reaction from wet hay or something to do with the equipment that was stored in the barn.

An investigation is underway. An official cause is expected later this week.

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