Public Sounds Off On IU Medical Center's Location

Published 04/11 2014 10:12PM

Updated 04/11 2014 10:22PM

The new Indiana University Medical Center will be located downtown Evansville.
The location beat out three other possible sites.

The medical center will stretch across several blocks from Fourth, Sixth, Cherry, and Locust streets.
This big announcment has several people speaking out.

"A city's heart is where it's history is." To Karen Reiseing, Evansville's 'heart and history' are located downtown.
She says Indiana University's Medican Center located downtown, opens up possiblity for the city. "To have it downtown
is where it should be to revitalize, and make Evansville what it could be," says Reiseing.

Reiseing believes Evansville is too spread out, and the medical school located downtown is the solution. "It
knits the whole community together. It's just great."

Reiseing says the school will generate economic growth, like new businesses and resturants."I was thrilled.
 I have been hoping and hoping. To make Evansville a real city, as opposed to
a bunch of suburbs with no heart, which is what putting it somewhere else would have done, it's just
tremendous. It's restored my faith in what Evansville could be."

Patty Donahue says she's excited about the location of the school also. "I was elated. I think a vital
 downtown is important to any community."

Not everyone agrees on the location. "I think it had more to do with downtown than it had to do with
medical schools." Dr. William West says the decision seemed based on economic development. He says it should, instead,
be focused on the study of medicene. "If you're going to have a medical school, you've got to have sick people. If you're going to have sick people,
you've got to have a hospital. All medical schools are built either next door to, or inside of a hospital," says West.

West says he is glad the location of the school could help downtown thrive, but the school should be first
and foremost about students learning health care.

Construction is set for early 2015 once the Indiana General Assembly give the final approval.

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