Rare Disease Saves Rapist Murderer from Execution

Published 05/21 2014 01:21PM

Updated 05/21 2014 03:08PM

A rare birth defect will keep a Missouri man from being put to death, for now.

The execution of Russell Bucklew had been scheduled to take place early this morning.

But US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has granted a stay of execution.

Bucklew's lawyers argued his birth defect is called cavernous hemangioma.

A rare condition involving a malformation of blood vessels which can cause blood flow to slow down and tumors to form.

Lawyers argued he could have experienced a "prolonged and excruciating execution."

In 1997, Bucklew was convicted of raping his ex-girlfriend, killing a man believed to be her new boyfriend, and shooting a gun at that man's six-year-old son.

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