Reaction to Sentencing of Former Boonville Middle School Teacher

- Tonight, a former middle school teacher from Boonville learns just how much time he'll spend behind bars. It's a high-profile case Eyewitness News has been following since the allegations first surfaced two years ago.

"This is a joke, i'm just gonna say this is completely, it's a joke"
Andrew Emmons is the former Boonville Middle School teacher who saw the gavel come down in a packed Warrick County courtroom. He will have to spend 18 weekends behind bars, the next 7 years on probation.

"All of today was poor Mr. Emmons. They had to go to Taiwan and get a baby because they couldn't have babies. This is not about Mr. Emmons. Mr. Emmons knew what he was doing when he put the camera in the girls locker room."

Many of those students and their families testified or wrote letters to the court asking Emmons be punished for what he did. But after a Warrick judge handed down the sentence, some of them left the courtroom  in disbelief.

"These kids have just saw the real world yet again. There is no justice. This man is completely walking."
April 7, Emmons pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism and one count of attempted child exploitation, all felonies. He had admitted to not only putting cameras in a Boonville Middle School locker room, but also a faculty restroom and another in a family member's bathroom.
It's behavior his therapist compared to that of a drug user, testifying that Emmons was a sex addict who was in a fog when he committed these crimes.

"He was sick," said Defense Attorney Anthony Long, "and we dealt with it. He's been phenomenally successful, and we're thankful that he has. That's the most important. I thought the judge's sentence recognized that."

Emmons told the court he and his wife have created a program to help other sex addicts. He did not comment in court today, and left through a back entrance.

One note: You do not see video of Emmons at today's sentencing. The video you do see was from an earlier court appearance. Today, Warrick County Sheriff's deputies brought him into the courts building through a back entrance out of view of our camera.

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