Residents Tour New Convention Center and Hotel

Published 02/01 2014 05:21PM

Updated 02/01 2014 09:56PM

Last night, the red carpet was rolled out for the grand opening of the Owensboro Convention Center. Today, athe carpet was rolled out for the community as they got their first glance inside.

"It's just a whole lot to see."

Sometimes, we stop and enjoy the view outside.

"It's impressive as you can imagine."

But Saturday, they were enjoying the view inside.

"I think the place is really gorgeous," says Carolyn Scott of Owensboro. "It's kind of hard to say what I don't like about it. I mean, the architecture, the construction, everything
is outstanding about it."

Hundreds walked around the convention center and Hampton Inn Saturday for their first look at the new multi million dollar additions to the riverfront. For some, the tour felt like a vacation.

"Especially if you go down to the park, walk through that beautiful park by the river, it feels you're someplace else, and not Owensboro," says Carolyn Terry of Owensboro.

"When you walk in here it has a presence," says Dan Barnes, who made one of the sculptures for the center. He says the new buildings felt like walking in to a giant piece of art.

"When you look up at the ceiling, at the height of the ceiling, all of that put together with the crisp clean lines of the architecture, give you that impression," he says.

While people are taking in the view today, some look towards the future, hoping for the best

"Let's hope it draws in the people that we hope it will bring in," Scott says.

Barnes also says that the look of this new convention center is actually pretty similar to what you would find in bigger cities.

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