Ride Along with a Tow Truck on Icy Roads

Published 03/02 2014 11:21PM

Updated 03/02 2014 11:28PM

Call it the calm before the storm at Tri-State Towing. "With it being Sunday everybody is taking advantage and staying home. Which is a good thing because the less you're on the road the better off you are," said Terry Hailman of Tri-State Towing.

The warning must've been taken to heart because all was quiet around Tri-State Towing. That was until the first call rang in just after 4 p.m. and then four more came in right after that.

Randy Shaffer has been driving a two truck for ten years and used that experience driving on today's slick roads. "They're a little bit slick, but it's not too bad yet. Still drivable if you take your time," said Shaffer. The lack emergency calls indicates that most drivers are taking their time. "See him sliding all over the place," said Shaffer pointing out an unstable driver. Then again some weren't so cautious. In some cases it may not matter if you're taking your time or not the ice was going to cause problems regardless.
We responded to an accident on North Green River Road near Lincoln Avenue. "Heading southbound of Green (River Road). Car ahead of me started getting a little bit slippery on some ice they went sideways (then) I went sideways. I was able to stop just before hitting them and the car behind me was less fortunate and they clipped me on the rear end," said Jacob Schmitt as his car was loaded on the tow truck. No one was hurt in the accident. The only loss was a rear axle.

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