Road Work Brings Homeowners Unexpected Traffic

By Kayla Moody

Published 07/15 2014 10:49PM

Updated 07/15 2014 10:57PM

Road work in Posey County has nearby homeowners looking forward to the project's completion. The Indiana Department of Transportation closed a stretch of State Road 66 Tuesday so crews can replace a drainage structure under the roadway.

It's not the construction that's bothering folks, it's the unexpected traffic that came with it. State Road 66 is closed from S.R. 65 in Evansville to S.R. 165 in Wadesville. By the dozens, drivers are blowing past the signage warning them about the approaching road closure.

Eyewitness News had a crew at the construction site for an hour. During that hour we counted more than a hundred cars, trucks, campers, even semis that drove up to the barricades. Most drivers then resort to using peoples' driveways to turn around.

"They're turning around in our driveway. I had my husband move the big truck a while ago so they can't drive between the well and our sidewalk because we're afraid they'll hit our well," said Sharon Krohn. "Apparently these people can't read. They're not paying attention or something. I don't know what they're doing."

Stephen Gatzer is among those working on the road. He says these scenes are all too common, even at this site, where a huge hole prevents anyone from passing. "I'm pretty much convinced that every one of you, when you read 'road closed' reads 'road closed everybody but me,'" said Gatzer. "Our primary concern, of course, is safety. People just seem to ignore the signs, come on down and they put everybody in more hazard than what they were in before."

The official detour follows S.R. 165, S.R. 68 and S.R. 65. It's close to 30 miles long, a stark contrast from the 11 miles that's blocked off. So unless drivers are familiar with the county roads, they're in for a lengthy trip.

"The bad thing is there's not a state road close that they can run them around. It's nothing but county roads here and they can't run them on county roads. They can't tell them how to go but we can tell them how to go on county roads," said Krohn. "It's only supposed to be for 10 days so we'll keep our fingers crossed that they get it done in 10 days."

INDOT hopes to reopen S.R. 66 to traffic by 3 p.m. next Wednesday. In the mean time, the best thing drivers can do is plan ahead.

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