Safety Issues Prompts Upcoming Demolition of Hartke Pool Slide

- (Evansville, Indiana) - Some changes are on order at Evansville's Hartke Pool. The Board of Park Commissioners held a special meeting at the C.K. Newsome Center this afternoon concerning the pool's slide. The Board was looking to rebuild the slide but, found that it would be safer to tear the aged structure down altogether.

"Knowing now that the integrity is damaged, if we keep it up and keep it through the season, we face a vandal coming in, and even if they hurt themselves, we're still liable. We face the liability of a child getting into it," says Executive Director, Denise Johnson.

The last full season the slide was used was in 2012. During last year's season the slide had to be closed for at least 10 days due to mechanical problems. The board says the slide has become a liability and must be torn down.  The company that manufactured the slide no longer exists. Therefore, the city hasn't been able to get parts, to replace and maintain the structure. A contractor was chosen at today's meeting to demolish the slide for a fee of $12,465 to be completed by May 30.

"The structure that the slide was sitting on, this was not damage of the slide [sic] but, the structure the slide was supported by as well as the stairway up to it were not structurally safe", added Johnson.

On average Hartke Pool welcomes more than 300 people per day during the pool season. The board is looking into other alternatives to replace the slide. The Parks Foundation has offered to help in funding and picking other amenities for the park. Denise Johnson says she hopes to have Hartke Pool fully operating by June 15. The board has also agreed to give admission discounts at this specific site.

By Fadia Patterson, WEHT Reporter |  FACEBOOK | TWITTER

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